Impact that drives results


Amplify Capital is the evolution of the MaRS Catalyst Fund, investing in mission-driven, double-bottom-line disruptors in health, education and clean tech. Every dollar invested in these companies generates a financial return and a social return. That’s how we amplify capital. And we further amplify our impact by encouraging partners, investors and co-investors to invest in companies where purpose drives profit. As investors, what we invest in today shapes the world of tomorrow.


Investors like Amplify Capital set the tone for the market and empower entrepreneurs to choose investors that are responsibly minded.
— Shawn Young, CEO, Classcraft

Amplify your capital

You are an investor who wants to make money and make a difference. See if our mission and methods align with your mandate.

Amplify Capital has been immeasurably helpful in preparing us for our next official round of fundraising.
— Luke Vigeant, CEO, Inkblot

Mission-driven disruptors wanted

You’re building a scalable business that solves a big societal problem. See if you belong in our portfolio.