We invest in companies with solutions that scale – where purpose drives profit. These are some of our current impact investments:


Our portfolio


Chalk is a K-12 education software company that utilizes data to help schools. Chalk connects the curriculum, instruction, and assessment process and provides real-time insights for educators to improve academics. From small, independent schools to large, national school networks, Chalk is behind the academic strategies influencing millions of students.


ChallengeU is a Québec-based company that has developed a comprehensive distance education solution based on the Québec high school curriculum, working with the non-profit Diplômatiqc. ChallengeU’s goal is to increase general education completion rates among adults.


Inkblot Therapy Inc. is a Toronto-based company offering affordable, secure video counselling any time, any place to make mental health support accessible. Using a proprietary algorithm, patients are matched for their specific needs and improved wellness is measured over time. With Inkblot, patients can get the help they need when they need it.


ClassCraft is a technology-based platform that improves student engagement by gamifying daily tasks and learning. This highly-scalable platform solution sits seamlessly on top of classroom’s learning management system to provide valuable tools and support to educators.


Hydrostor is a global leader in adiabatic (emission free) compressed air energy storage (CAES) in underground geological formations or using their proprietary underwater air accumulator system. The company commissioned the world’s first adiabatic, underwater-CAES system in 2015 with utility host Toronto Hydro. More information…


Flosonics Medical develops non-invasive sensors to improve the management of critically ill patients. Their flagship smart-bandage product, the FloPatch, addresses unmet clinical needs of critical patients and the physicians, nurses, and paramedics who care for them.


Invivo.AI is developing novel algorithms for low data drug discovery, removing access to data as the principal roadblock when deploying machine learning in pharmaceutical R&D. With an initial focus in oncology and CNS, Invivo.AI is enabling the generation, screening and optimization of novel compounds with up to 1,000x less training data than previously possible, allowing it to better capture the complexities of human disease using more accurate biological models.


Future Design School provides world-class education programs that empower creative leadership and innovation in students, teachers and professionals. Through inspiring learning experiences, FDS programs help participants build the skillsets necessary to create meaningful solutions to pressing problems. More information…


CellAegis is a Canadian medical device company with promising technology to help substantially improve patient recovery from heart disease. CellAegis’ autoRIC® device is a portable and easy-to-administer therapy for reducing damage to tissues following a heart attack or cardiovascular procedures. More information…


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